Annual Meeting Information

A Few Heard a Lot

With relatively few residents showing up, the new Fort Bend County Judge, KP George and new Precinct 4 Commissioner, Ken DeMerchant and staff members introduced themselves at the VOLHOA annual meeting on February 11th in Oyster Creek Elementary School cafeteria.

Judge George said that he has been on a “listening tour” in various places and that he will have “an open door” to all county residents. Commissioner DeMerchant stated that he was a civil engineer, enjoys getting things done, and anticipates working with all residents.

And, after brief remarks by Fort Bend County Sheriff’s deputy Sgt. Jeremy Goodrich and Fort Bend County MUD 41 President Ben Weibel, the meeting was adjourned by HOA president Laura Montalvo for a few minutes, then reconvened under a lower required quota of attendees in order to allow official business.

HOA board members Joe Hernandez and Leo Furman were reelected to three-year terms, without other candidates volunteering.

At the new commissioner’s request, Mark Vogler, Fort Bend County Drainage District director, gave a history and an update on flood control efforts in our area.

Vogler zeroed in on how the drainage district’s past efforts through the years have affected Village of Oak Lake and MUD 41 and detailed how much more has been done in the past 18 months since Hurricane Harvey flooded around 115 homes in VOL.

With extensive support from Gulf Coast Water Authority, the county has been able to deepen and widen Red Gully, with plans within the next two years to extend the gully northward and along Oleta Lane to eventually double the water retention capacity.

To the west and south, the Red Gully waters now will flow more rapidly through Oyster Creek, past Cullinan Park and Sugar Land Regional Airport to Ditch H past Constellation Stadium through Sugar Land to the Brazos River.

Vogler stated that these improvements are anticipated to reduce flooding. The district would have to get bond issue fund approval in order to make any major improvements in the future. There is no such issue planned at this time.

During a question and answer session there were comments from at least one resident that these efforts thus far are only “a band aid” toward a solution. Vogler then asked residents if they thought these improvements were significant and many hands were raised.

In other business, President Laura Montalvo, via a power point presentation, listed HOA achievements for 2018 and plans for future projects. They are all listed on the VOLHOA website.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m. after two hours.