Message from the Board – September 2021

The HOA Board met on August 9, 2021, via Zoom.  The entire board was present along with Becky and Allison from Sterling ASI.  We had several homeowners and Juan Villarreal from the MUD Board in attendance also.

Juan explained to the HOA Board what is happening with the Jain Temple project in the area adjacent to Village of Oak Lake.  We hope most of our homeowners saw the important message sent out on August 25th via email asking you to take action regarding this project.  There is a public hearing on Wednesday, September 2nd.  The deadline to provide input or sign up to speak is September 1st at 2:30 p.m.   We will provide an update as soon as we receive information from that meeting.

VOL Fall garage sales will take place the weekend of Friday, September 10th through Sunday, September12th.  Please remember to pick up your garage sale signs when you are finished with your garage sale.

The Board voted in the August meeting to contract with a new pool company for the 2021-2022 pool season. Tommy with Del Mar Pools joined the meeting to introduce the company and their philosophy.  After listening to all three pool company representatives, the Board decided Del Mar offered the best services and price for our community.  They will take over from Greater Houston Pool Management on October 1, 2021.

Sterling is currently getting bids on having the coping (tiles) around the pools replaced.  The freeze caused a lot of the tiles to flake off and break.  The Board is planning for this work to be performed in the off season so as not to cause any more disruptions to the extended swim season, which is currently scheduled to end on Sunday, September 26, 2021.

The landscaping proposals previously approved by the Board have now been completed.  We have new landscaping around the brick monument at Highway 6 and West Airport.  The new landscaping in this area is hard to see because the flowers are so big, but it will fill in nicely between now and Spring.  At Oak Lake Park, both end caps of the medians have been re-done, along with the landscaping at the brick monuments on the south side.  At the entrance off Voss Road the landscaping around the brick monument has been updated there, as well as in the medians along Noblewood Drive.

Yard of the Month has ended for this summer.  We would like to thank all our residents who maintain their yards and keep our neighborhood looking beautiful.  We look forward to seeing how the neighborhood will change for next summer when we start YOTM again in June 2022.

With school back in session now, the traffic along West Airport at Noblewood and Maple Downs is very hectic during drop off and pick up times.  Please use caution when going out at these times and pay attention to kids and parents walking to and from the school.

Board of Directors

Message from the Board – August 2021

The VOL Board of Directors met on Monday, July 12, 2021, at 6:30 p.m. at the pool house and via Zoom.  We had one homeowner attend, via Zoom, who wanted to see how the meetings were conducted. The meeting was called to order at 6:32 p.m.

Thank you to all the homeowners who came out to the neighborhood event on Saturday, July 10th.  The event was catered by James Coney Island and included hot dogs and nachos, chips and drinks and an ice cream cart with an assortment of frozen treats.  We had a face painter and several games/activities set up for the kids in the tennis court area.  All together we had about 50 people attend and eat lunch.  We hope you enjoyed this event and had a chance to meet some of your neighbors. You can view a few photos on the Gallery page of the website.

The Board approved a Reserve Study Refresher in which Reserve Advisors will provide VOL with an executive summary and 5-year outlook table to communicate near-term expenditures and funding recommendations; property specific recommendations that prioritize the most effective use of reserve funds; and spreadsheets with formulas to evaluate what-if replacement schedules and reserve contributions.  The cost of this refresher is $1,625.00.

The Board approved several proposals for landscaping to replace the dead lantana in the traffic island on Village View Trail, remove the sage shrubs and install sod at the Oak Lake Point and West Airport median where the message board used to be, and to replace the mulch at the Kidz Village playground.  We also approved a proposal to have the monuments throughout the neighborhood cleaned and repaired.

The pool area was vandalized again a couple of weekends ago.  The vandals broke the doorknob off the pump room door, stole the fire extinguishers and poured chemicals in the kiddie pool.  According to GHPM there was quite a bit of damage but nothing, except the fire extinguishers, was stolen.  And although we have a security system at the pool, it is our understanding it was not armed at the time of the vandalism.  If you notice anything unusual or suspicious at the pool or anywhere else in the neighborhood, please contact the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s department at 281-341-4665.

The pool season got off to a rough start in June and has steadily gone from bad to worse.  The Board will be interviewing new pool companies in the August board meeting and will be replacing Greater Houston Pool Management as soon as possible.  We will also be getting bids on replacing the coping (tiles around the edges of the pools) as soon as the swim season is over at the end of September.  On a positive note, new picnic tables were recently installed at the pool, and they look great.

Fort Bend MUD #41 has a new website.  Please log in at to sign up for alerts and learn about water quality, road construction, boil water notices, and meeting time/place and minutes. There is a contact link on the website which allows residents of Village of Oak Lake to have a conversation with a Board member or contractor.

We enlisted the help of Caitlyn Wingerson, Josh Stromatt and Andrew Dorsett last Saturday to clean up the pool area.  We started in the guard room and moved all the things that needed to be stored to upstairs storage.  We threw away all the broken bins, trash, swept the floors and cleaned the windowsills.  We moved all the “extra” things in the meeting room that needed to be stored to upstairs storage and cleaned, swept, and wiped everything down.  We cleaned up all the outside storage areas and removed trash and debris.  You can view a few photos on the Gallery page of the website.

The Yard of the Month winners for July are: 16331 Dawncrest, 16434 Concord Falls, 15742 Springfield Dr., 15606 Rosewood Hill Ct., 16311 Sapling Ridge, 16438 Beewood Glen, 16415 Noblewood, and 16503 Terrace Hollow.  You can view the winners on the Gallery page of the website. Yard of the Month ends in July and the Board would like to thank all the residents of Village of Oak Lake who take the time to maintain their lawns and flower beds.

We hope you and your family enjoy the few remaining weeks of summer before school starts.

Message from the Board – July 2021

On Saturday, July 3rd we will have a neighborhood Freedom Event at Kidz Village Park. The event will start at 10:00 a.m. and end at noon. It will be catered by James Coney Island with hot dogs and nachos available, along with chips and drinks. We will also have an ice cream cart with various cold treats. There will be games and activities for the kids including, face painting, giant Jenga, Connect 4, can toss, bean bag toss and sack races. We will have 4 canopies and tables set up for shade while you eat, however, you will need to bring your own chairs. Please join us for this event to celebrate Independence Day.

The HOA Board met in person and via Zoom on June 14, 2021. All Board members, except Joe Hernandez, were in attendance, along with Becky Salinas. We had two homeowners attend the meeting via Zoom. The meeting was called to order at 6:33 p.m.

The pool finally opened on Thursday, June 10th after several issues related to burst pipes from the freeze in February were resolved. The Board voted to remove most of the Covid restrictions from last year, however, we still recommend you use your best judgment while at the pool for yourself and others and please do not visit the pool if you or someone in your family are sick.

The picnic tables at the pool were damaged beyond repair and the Board voted to replace them. We decided to spend a little more to purchase better tables that will last longer than the plastic ones we currently have. The new tables should be delivered in the next couple of weeks.

The Board voted to have Southern Concrete Raising repair the hole in the driveway leading up to the pool parking lot. That work was completed this week. The Board also approved Alpha GTS to pressure wash the tennis courts and to use McKenna to replace the torn wind screens in the tennis courts. We are working on setting up a reminder that when bad weather is predicted, we will have someone come out and cut the top clips off the wind screens so they will not get torn up in the heavy wind and rain.

The Board voted on three proposals prepared by LMC Landscaping for upgrades around the neighborhood. The first proposal is to redo the landscaping around the entrance monument at Highway 6 and West Airport. The second proposal is to redo the landscaping at Oak Lake Park and West Airport (both ends of the medians and corners with monuments). The third proposal is to replace the dead ferns in the tennis court beds. This work will take place over several weeks and will bring a welcome face lift to our landscaping. The next area of concentration will be at Old Richmond and West Airport, but we have not yet gotten proposals for that area.

Homeowner Kent Sheffield was present at the Board meeting to discuss items from the first Pool and Recreation Committee meeting. This committee presented lots of ideas to the Board for consideration, including backstroke flags at the pool, which the Board is set to approve as soon as we receive bids from the committee. They presented ideas for food trucks, movie night, partnering for Trunk or Treat with the church or school, kids’ triathlon, adult only swim hours, and Festival of Lights in December. The Board has asked for more information on several of these items to help with budgeting for 2022.

We started Yard of the Month in May. We chose two homes in each section of the neighborhood and the winners were: 16415 Noblewood, 16515 Terrace Hollow, 16739 Village View Trail, 16743 Village View Trail, 16335 Flint Run Way, 16434 Hidden Gate Court, 16510 Smooth Pine Lane, 16325 Mellow Oaks, 15702 Rosewood Hill Court and 16806 Springfield Court.

Yard of the Month winners for the month of June are the following: 16507 Terrace Hollow, 16411 Noblewood Ct., 16535 Smooth Pine Ln., 16543 Smooth Pine Ln., 16415 Beewood Glen, 16331 Blossomwood, 16434 Elmwood Point, 16330 Dawncrest Way, 15634 Edgemere Ct., and 16610 Broadoak Grove Ln. You can view these homes in the Gallery section of the website. Yards of the Month are chosen during the months of May, June and July.

– VOL Board of Directors