Message from the Board – October 2020

The HOA Board met on Monday, September 14, 2020 at 6:30 pm via Zoom.  All board members except Joe Hernandez were in attendance, along with Becky Salinas from Sterling ASI.  We also had one homeowner who just wanted to observe the meeting and would like to thank her for attending.  Homeowners are always welcome in the monthly HOA Board meeting and we invite you to join us on Zoom.

The tennis court windscreens seem to be down more often that they are up with all the wind and rain we have had the past several months.  They are designed with zip ties and clips to break away when there is heavy wind to keep them from tearing.  However, most of the zip ties are missing and they have had trouble staying attached.  The Board asked Becky to look into replacement screens and we approved a bid from Classic Sports for new ones with more openings in the screens to let the wind pass through more easily.  We hope this will take care of the problem.

The lighting in the tennis court area has been an issue for a while.  We recently found out there are several ballasts that have gone out and need to be replaced.  We have asked Becky to get bids and are waiting on those to come in so we can get the lights working properly again.

A MUD 41 Board member provided the HOA Board with an update that there would be an irrigation evaluation of Village of Oak Lake on September 15, 2020. The evaluation was performed to assess the effectiveness of the current setting/system and provide recommendations for improvement.  This was done at no charge to the HOA and the HOA is under no obligation to carry out the recommendations provided in the assessment. The results will be reviewed with LMC (the landscaping/irrigation company for VOL) and the HOA Board around mid-October.

The road work along West Airport seems to be nearing completion as of the end of September.  There was some concern about the previous mudjacking process used to repair the street and it was determined by the County that was not going to solve the problems with the road failures.  The County then sent in crews to repair the road properly.  With all the traffic on West Airport now, the Board is hopeful these repairs will hold up to the volume of cars traveling through our neighborhood each day.

We had a meeting with LMC on September 16th to discuss the state of Village of Oak Lake.  Some of the issues discussed were irrigation, plant material, ants, weeds and trash.  For the past couple of months, we have had a lot of minor irrigation problems all over the neighborhood that lead to big problems with the plant material dying but those have been addressed.  The color beds will be changed out at the end of October or beginning of November depending on the onset of cooler weather.  The mulch will also be renewed around that same time.  We do have a lot of ant mounds due to the extreme heat and rain we have gotten over the past couple of months.  The ants have been addressed but LMC is limited on the type of bait they can use and it takes some time to get rid of the ants.  The mounds are treated every week and should be knocked down every other week the landscapers are on property. The crews should be picking up the trash as they mow and addressing the weeds each time they are on the property and have been reminded of our concerns regarding these issues.

October is an interesting month this year as there will be two full moons.  The first full moon of fall – in this case the Harvest Moon – will appear on Thursday, October 1st.  The second will appear on Saturday, October 31st just in time for Halloween. If you are planning to go trick or treating, please be safe while out and about on the streets of the neighborhood.  We want all of our littlest residents to have a Happy Halloween.

Assessments are 94% collected for 2020.  If you have not paid your 2020 assessment or if you need assistance, please contact Sterling ASI. Remember that unpaid assessments accrue late fees until they are paid.

Message from the Board – September 2020

The HOA board met for their monthly meeting on Monday, August 10th at 6:30 pm via Zoom.  All board members were in attendance along with Becky Salinas from Sterling ASI.

Many of you may have noticed the vandalism that took place in Duhacsek Park several weeks ago. For two nights in a row the park was vandalized with spray paint including the pavilion, tables, garbage cans, benches, sidewalks, signs and mailboxes at both entrances to the park.  The Oyster Creek Elementary sign was also vandalized.  Several homeowners came together one evening a couple of days later to clean up as much of the graffiti as they could and the park operator took care of the rest. Thank you to those homeowners for their part in cleaning up the park and the OCE sign.  If you live near the park and notice any suspicious activity, please contact the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office at 281-341-4665.

The VOL pool will be open on Labor Day, Monday, September 7th and then close for the season on Tuesday, September 8th. The HOA board and Sterling have received numerous complaints about Greater Houston Pool Management and their lifeguards this swim season.  With that in mind, we are looking into other options for pool management for the 2021 season.  Thank you to the residents who took the time to reach out regarding questionable activity.

The VOL neighborhood garage sales will take place the weekend of Friday, September 11th through Sunday, September 13th.  If you plan to hold a garage sale on your property, we encourage you to follow and enforce social distancing and mask guidelines. The board would like for VOL residents to be able to take advantage of this weekend for garage sales so please protect yourself, your family and others.

The road work along West Airport appears to have been completed.  We have reached out to the County Commissioner’s office to gain an understanding of mudjacking – the process  used to repair the road failures. It appears that they used this leveling process to raise the road up where it had dipped down and caused different elevations, however, the repairs do not seem to have helped with that.  Where the road dipped before, we now have “pyramids” that are just as rough as the previous failures. We will pass along any information we receive from the county on this issue.

The landscaping is looking dry in several places along West Airport due to irrigation problems.  LMC has been working to repair these issues and will have them all repaired by the end of August.  We have discussed with LMC the trash that has been left behind after the crew mows and missed mowing areas and they have talked with the crew to make sure they pay closer attention to the details.

VOL assessments are 94% collected so far this year.  If you have not paid your 2020 assessments and need to work out a payment plan, please contact Sterling ASI.  Please note that late assessments accumulate fees until they are paid.

Message from the Board – August 2020

The HOA Board met on Monday, July 13th via Zoom.  In attendance were all board members and Becky Salinas with Sterling ASI.  We had two homeowners present during the open session.

Dan Wingerson with MUD 41 presented the HOA Board with a neighborhood irrigation system evaluation plan to be performed by North Fort Bend Water Authority to promote water conservation.  This will be done at no expense to the HOA.

The Board also briefly discussed a proposal from another MUD 41 Board member to install a sidewalk on the South side of West Airport at Oak Lake Point to Highway 6. This item will need more discussion before it is decided so we will provide updates as we go through the process.

We hope residents are enjoying the pool being open this summer.  There are a few new guidelines that are in place to keep everyone safe and one of those is a required release. Before your first visit to the pool you will need to log onto the website at and fill out the Amenity Release and submit it to Sterling.  Then you will need to bring a copy of the release to give to the lifeguard on your first visit so they can keep it in their binder.  On subsequent visits they will just check the binder to make sure you have a release on file.  If your pool access card does not work, please contact Sterling ASI for help.

By now most of our residents have probably noticed that someone ran into the fence at Kidz Village Park. This has been addressed with the insurance company and Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office and is being handled by our property manager at Sterling. We hope to have the fence repaired in the coming week or so.

Please note that if you contact the HOA Board and/or Sterling about an issue with a neighbor or a violation, you will not receive information about what is being done for that particular property.  By law, this information cannot be discussed with anyone other than the homeowner.  Please do not assume that nothing is being done because the issue persists for weeks or even months – these things just take time.

August means school will be starting soon although this year it will look a bit different.  There are many decisions that need to be made to keep our children and teachers safe and how that will look.  It can be a stressful time for not only parents and students but also for administrators and teachers so please be patient and extend them some grace as they work through school openings.

August is the last month we will choose Yards of the Month so if you have not quite gotten your yard where you want it, now is the time.  We usually drive through the neighborhood the week of the 20th.  We are not looking for the yard that had the most money spent on it, we are looking for yards that are tidy and have nice curb appeal.

Annual assessments are 93% collected at this time.  If you have not yet paid your annual assessment, please contact Sterling ASI for information on how you should proceed or to work out a payment plan.