Community Pool Closing for Season September 7, 2021

The community pool will be closing for the season on Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

Del Mar Pools will be taking over maintenance of the pools on October 1, 2021 in order to get VOL in shape for opening for the 2022 pool season in May.

Amenity Release for Pool Use

It has been brought to the Board’s attention that there has been some confusion over the release VOL needs to have on file for residents visiting the pool.

Village of Oak Lake requires a signed Amenity Release before using the pools for the first time. Please fill out the form “Amenity Release” on the website and submit it to Sterling.

You will need to bring a signed copy of the release to the pool on your first visit and give it to the lifeguard who signs you in to keep in their binder. On subsequent visits the lifeguard will just check to make sure they have your release on file.

VOL Pool Operating Costs

In order to clear up any confusing information you may have recently read regarding pool operating costs this summer, please be aware that Village of Oak Lake is incurring an extra cost of $195.00 per month.

This cost is for extra chlorine in the pools and for sanitizing the high touch point areas. Based on guidelines from Greater Houston Pool Management, the Board discussed the most economical way to open the pool to our residents and still be able to provide a safe and fun environment.

Having residents bring their own chairs/blankets is a huge factor in saving the HOA unnecessary costs as we do not have to sanitize furniture after each visitor.

If you have any concerns regarding the pool or the lifeguards, please contact Becky Salinas at Sterling ASI.

Sterling Association Svcs, Inc.
Becky Salinas
Office: (832) 678-4500