Nijadhar Plat Update

From Commissioner DeMerchant

You spoke and I listened. After diligently working with MUD 41, Village of Oak Lakes, the City of Houston Planning Commission and Fort Bend County Engineering, I am pleased to announce the Nijadhar plat will not extend the cul-de-sac and will not provide a public through street per Thursday’s City of Houston Planning Commission meeting.

The development of the temple will not have any traffic impacts on the neighborhood to the south and no connections will be made to Oak Lake Park Drive. All traffic to and from the site will use McKaskle Road.

Please continue to contact my office should the need arise.

Thank you,

Commissioner Ken DeMerchant

Important Notice – Please Read

On Friday, August 20, 2021, members of the VOL HOA and MUD boards attended a meeting with Commissioner DeMerchant, the developer, owner and various Fort Bend and Harris County and City of Houston officials to discuss the Nijadhar project being built in an area adjacent to Village of Oak Lake.  The developer is asking the MUD and HOA boards to agree to a variance to let them route traffic through Village of Oak Lake onto Oak Lake Park to enter the facility, which will consist of a temple and school.  The developer is trying to save money by routing traffic through VOL rather than building a proper entrance and exit on McKaskle Road.  There will be a public meeting on September 2nd , and we are asking VOL homeowners to use the links and phone number below to voice your concerns.  The deadline for submitting emails or signing up to speak is Wednesday, September 1, at 2:30 p.m.

Below you will find a template to a letter you can edit or you can draft your own and send it to and to Commissioner DeMerchant at  Please reference project 2021-1474 in all correspondence and/or phone calls.

This link provides information on planning commission meetings:

The planning commission website will be updated around August 30th to reflect the September 2nd planning commission meeting. Information on how to sign up, call in, etc., can be found in the link above.  Please email to sign up. The Nijadhar McKaskle Road Development plat is project 2021-1474.


To whom it may concern:

My name is [Your Name Here].  I have been a resident of Village of Oak Lake for [__] years. This letter is to inform the Houston Planning Committee, Harris County and Fort Bend County that I, along with many other residents, am not in favor of the following:

  • Proposed cul de sac with a gate to the Jain Temple project
  • Entrance on Oak Lake Park to a plat that is not in our district
  • Proposed exit to McKaskle Road from the Jain Temple

This new development, if approved by Harris County, will cause the following issues for Village of Oak Lake:

  • Increased traffic at the intersection of West Airport and Oak Lake Point Drive, Oak Lake Park Drive, and Cobblestone Point Drive
  • Increased congestion at West Airport and Highway 6
  • Construction noise and damage to our roads
  • Reduction in property values
  • Safety concerns for children playing in our streets, bike riders and walkers
  • Deprive residents of our own street access during the temple activities
  • Light infringement from the Jain Temple project onto adjacent neighbors

In addition, a traffic study for increased traffic has not been conducted.  There is no indication that traffic will be monitored or tracked as proposed by NIJADHAR, LLC and the development team.  I, and several other Village of Oak Lake residents, have complained to Fort Bend County Road and Bridge about the increased traffic on West Airport and significant road repairs.  Who will maintain the right of way if granted – Fort Bend or Harris County? Why would any commission approve a project as such that would further damage our streets in Village of Oak Lake?

Respectfully, the entrance and exit should be on McKaskle Road for the Jain Temple project. My understanding is that only 10 of the 15 acres will be developed.  What traffic will come out of the additional 5 acres when fully developed? Please do not approve this project.


[Phone number]


Pool Opening June 2021

According to Greater Houston Pool Management, the pool will be opening on Thursday, June 10, 2021, at 10:00 a.m.

Since the pool is opening during the week and not on a Saturday, there will not be a member of the Board at the opening.  If your pool access card does not work, you will need to contact Sterling ASI at 832-678-4500.  Neither the Board, GHPM nor the lifeguards will be able to help residents with access card issues, they can only be resolved through Sterling.

The pool will be open daily throughout the summer but will be closed on Mondays for cleaning.  The last day of the 2021 season will be Sunday, September 26th.

If you have any concerns while visiting the pool regarding the lifeguards, pools and/or restrooms, please contact the Board so we can address them appropriately.